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One rainy winter’s eve in January, we found ourselves in search of a cozy spot for a simple yet delicious dinner that would accommodate our little family. It was early, about 4:30 pm not an easy time to walk-in for dinner in Old Town Bandon. Heading for the waterfront we stumbled upon “Angelo’s Italy” in the little green building, known for housing restaurants such as the Wild Rose Bistro and Highbrow Cat Bistro. This building holds such fond memories for those of us who have seen it change hands over the years. One thing has remained constant however, for as long as I can remember, the most delicious foods have been served there. Excitement and curiosity drew us through those doors once again. Upon entering we were greeted by “Mikey”, Angelo’s son, who seated us in a small yet comfortable booth.  At an adjacent table sat “Andy”, another of Angelo’s sons, folding napkins in preparation for the dinner rush. The delicious smell of homemade Italian Food filled the air. My mouth was watering! Enter Angelo himself. Laden with a heavy Italian accent, Angelo introduced himself with a welcoming smile as he handed us the classic home style Italian menu.  It felt as if we had walked into this family’s home in Rome itself. Our meal consisted of tomato basil soup, salad with balsamic vinaigrette, warm bread, pasta and homemade REAL Italian Pizza! Delicious. We overheard Angelo speaking with a couple dining in the corner… not meaning to eavesdrop, we heard just a touch of his story. We had to know more!

Originally from Rome, Italy, Angelo and his wife Sarah have 10 children. While living in Italy, they ran a piano bar on the beach where this family of musicians played their music in conjunction with running a restaurant. Angelo and his family moved to Salt Lake City, UT just 4 years ago. Upon moving to Salt Lake, they opened their own restaurant, “Nonna Lucia” named after Angelo’s mother. Though successful in Salt Lake, Angelo found “little satisfaction” there. While on holiday he and his wife discovered the quaint and charming town of Coquille, Oregon. They bought a small vacation home there two years ago. Not surprisingly, Angelo made many friends while living in this small community. When having his property cleared in Coquille, one of those friends told him about a restaurant opportunity in Old Town Bandon. Reminded of the town Anzio in Italy, Angelo was immediately smitten… lucky for us!

Nestled in the heart of Old Town, Angelo’s Italy has been open since October 27, 2012.  It is currently being run by Angelo, his sons “Mikey” and “Andy” along with his granddaughter, Kijana. We can hardly wait to meet Sarah who will join them in June!

The authentic Italian cuisine influenced from central to southern Italy has something for everyone.  The menu prices are beyond affordable! They even offer ½ portions for children.  Whether you’re solo, out with friends, family, or your sweetheart, we think you will savor your experience at Angelo’s Italy. Then take a stroll across the street to the boardwalk and enjoy the view.  They are currently open Monday-Saturday from 11-8 pm.

Having owned and operated restaurants from Italy to SLC, UT and now Bandon, OR,  this multi-talented family knows what it takes to please their customers…delicious food, friendly service, a family friendly atmosphere, and a superb location.  Welcome to the neighborhood Angelo’s Italy!  We wish you success for years to come… Ciao!

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