Bandon is very fortunate to have a great Theater that offers the community the opportunity to enjoy the kind of entertainment that is mostly offered in larger cities.  Two groups that really give their talent and support the “Arts & entertainment” are, New Artists Productions and Bandon Showcase.

New Artists Productionsis strictly to introduce the youth in our community to all the aspects of staged theater. In the eleven years of their existence they have touched the lives of over 400 young participants, their families and the community.  New Artists produce two major productions annually, offer a summer camp, and educational workshops.  These programs are no cost to those who participate. This is a non-profit group with the goal to educate the youth in what is necessary to do entertainment productions.

Bandon Showcase was started by a small group of patrons that thought bringing top stage entertainment to the small town of Bandon was a great idea.  Over the last eleven years they have sponsored four to five wonderful performances each year.  The selection is accomplished by a group of the “Showcase” members attending a conference every October to preview a variety of professional entertainers.   This year was as wonderful as always.  It is hard work but very enjoyable.  We preview approximately 80 performances in a three day span.  The quest to bring great entertainment to Bandon is working as we can now boast to having a sold out theater.

The two groups, New Artists Productions and Bandon Showcase, have joined forces to present “A Holiday Teafundraising event.  Our wonderful merchants have donated gifts and food for the event to be held at the Bandon Harbortown Event Center. There will be six of the sweetest voices from our community will that sing their way into our hearts with renditions of songs to salute Broadway, Swing era, and the holidays. This fundraiser will benefit the New Artists as a Bandon Showcase community outreach.  Mark your calendar for Sunday November 11, 2012 4-6 PM to attend and support the arts and entertainment in Bandon.

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