I took an hour today just as the sun was coming out from behind the clouds to take some photographs of one of my newest listings, an ocean front home on Beach Loop Drive. Although it is rainy and cloudy weather on the coast this week, we always seem to get windows of sunshine through out the day. All I needed to do was run down the beach and back, snap some photos and I could get back to the office.

It was a busy day and all I kept thinking was I needed to hurry and get this done…work…work…work.

As I drove up to the Coquille  Point parking area (google satellite map) overlooking the Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge, the beauty… it hit me like a ton of bricks.  

I couldn’t help but slow down and just take my time….and it was so worth it!

Here are a few shots from my afternoon walk on the beach here in Bandon. I just wanted to share how lucky I am to be living on the Oregon Coast…

Look closely and you might see all the birds on the rocks in the next two photographs. I belive they are pelicans but I am not sure. Here is a very recent article published in the Bandon Western World.

“If you’ve been to the beaches or South Jetty lately, it’s been hard to miss these lumbering visitors on the offshore rocks or on the Coquille River. Thousands of brown pelicans have converged on the south and central Oregon coast, with fall migration under way to Southern California and Mexico.”

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You could be sitting on this bench right now…enjoying the view.

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