Smile and say “CHEESE”!

Since the late 1890’s there has been a cheese factory in Bandon OR. There have been two Bandon fires in which the factory’s were destroyed and rebuilt , a business closure for several years, and finally a sale.  But like the famous “Phoenix” it seems to always rise. A cheese factory is returning to Bandon!

The new cheese factory will be called “Face Rock Creamery” after one of Bandon’s famous landmarks. The new building will be modern and will surely become another famous landmark like the factories before. 

The new owner is Greg Drobot, who is excited about his new venture as he knows it will do great things for our area.  The project will begin hopefully by the end of June and completed after the first of the year. He has enlisted as a consultant, Joe Sinko, one of the former owners of Bandon Cheese for advice to set up the new factory and assist in the running for the first year.  Joe comes to the project with 55 years in the dairy industry.  The contractor, who has been involved with the project from day one is Daniel Graham.  The search for a master cheesemaker will most likely begin in a few months.

The excitement for this venture is wide spread – the talk of the town.  To all of those involved we are proud!

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