Do you want to sell your home in the Coos Bay, Oregon area? Are you feeling overwhelmed by the process? A dedicated realtor can help you. Consider the eight steps you need to take before selling your home to make the process go smoothly.

beach loop blog 2 july 2016 depositphotos_80883462_m20151. Prepare to Sell

Once you decide to sell your Coos Bay home, it is time to prepare for the steps ahead.

Get Updated

The best way you can start preparing is to stay informed about the process of selling a home. Start researching current housing market conditions. Verify what documentation is required to sell a home. Consider any other economic, legal, or environmental factors associating with selling your home. It is often smart to consult with a lawyer and an accountant before making a major move.

2. Inspect Your Home

It is important to inspect your home before selling it. Be impartial as you look around at the interior and exterior of your home. Determine what should be done to make the home look good without making a major investment. Sometimes an engineer or other professional can be hired to do an inspection if there are serious concerns.

Make Necessary Repairs

Schedule all necessary repairs before you put your home on the market to make your house appealing to potential buyers. Also, certain repairs can help you avoid possible legal issues. A total renovation is unnecessary but it makes sense to fix leaky faucets and repair a faulty heating system before putting the house on the market. A realtor can often help you determine what should be done to make the house more marketable.

3. Find a Realtor 

A reputable realtor can help you sell the house. Moving takes time and effort. A real estate agent can focus on the sale of the home while you plan your move.

Make Selling Easier

Selling your Coos Bay home can be time-consuming. Enlist the services of a professional realtor who knows the Coos Bay area to make the process easier. The realtor can show the home to potential buyers, place ads and signs, and do all the necessary legwork to get people interested in the house.

4. Set a List Price

Once you hire a realtor, it is time to determine the worth of you home based on its condition and current market value.

Determining Value

Several factors matter when determining the list price for your home. The market value of similar homes is a key factor. The age and condition of the house make a difference, too. Other factors include location, amenities, and the preferences of typical buyers in the area. A realtor can help you to realistically assess these conditions to establish a market value for the house. Pricing a house too low can mean losing money. An unrealistically high listing price can deter buyers from looking at it. Your goal is to set a competitive price.

5. Market Your House

After you set a list price, it is time to market your house. Your realtor will help you develop a marketing plan for your house. A realtor also manages marketing strategies, such organizing open houses and showcasing the house to possible buyers.

Realtors Know Marketing

Being in a beautiful area such as Coos Bay can help attract viable buyers. Leave the task of marketing your home to your realtors. All you need to do is to support their efforts, be available to answer questions and process basic paperwork as requested.

6. Negotiate an Offer

One of the more complicated aspects of selling a home is negotiating a fair real estate deal. Fortunately, most people recognize the value of a Coos Bay home, including your knowledgeable realtor.

Be Sure of the Decision

Negotiating offers with potential homebuyers can be one of the trickiest parts of the whole process. Buyers want a good deal and sellers want what the house is worth. A meeting of the minds is essential to ensure a successful sale. Realtors,  and sometimes attorneys, can help expedite this process.

7. Settle

Settling a deal, especially when it comes to the purchase of a home, is a crucial element to move forward with your plans.

Sealing the Deal

Once you have successfully negotiated a deal that works best for all the parties involved, it is time to sign the contract and other necessary paperwork. A realtor and an attorney once again play major roles in this important process.

8. Plan your Move

Planning your move is the final aspect of selling your home. The anticipation builds as you realize the sale of your house is actually happening.

Moving On

Begin clearing out any unwanted items in your house. Start packing all your belongings into boxes and get a moving truck. Whether you move to another house in the Coos Bay area or go somewhere else, your real estate agent can also help you find your next dream home. Plus, a real estate agent might be able to coordinate the time tables associated with buying and selling a home.

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