Located just six miles south of Port Orford, Humbug Mountain State Park boasts incredible scenery and outdoor opportunity. With roughly 1842 acres, this Oregon state park has something for everyone including a year round camp ground, a day use area, and a challenging six-mile round trip day hike to the summit at 1,756′ and back.

The campground plays host to 40 electrical sites with water and an additional 55 tent sites with water near by. There are on site hot showers and full plumbing toilet facilities. Beach access is just a walk through a tunnel under Highway 101 to a protected cove where you can whale watch, search for agates, or just enjoy a remarkable sunset.

The hike up Humbug Mountain begins with a steep series of switchbacks, creek crossings, and a journey through an old growth forest.

Many decaying logs lead the way along the trail.

The hike winds its way up along the northeast side of the mountain, sheltered from the wind and sun. Many trees are covered in fungus or Methuselah’s Beard, giving the illusion that the trees are green and thriving; not lying dormant in the shade of winter. 

Many window views through the trees offer ocean views.

Window through the trees offer ocean views.

The hike continues up for 1.5 miles, giving glimpses of the ocean looking north to Port Orford. Then, there is a fork in the trail with two options for continuing the remaining 1.5-2 miles to the summit. 

The west side is shorter but steeper.

The west side is shorter but steeper.

There is an abundance of flora and fauna along this hike. Many birds dart around through the branches and a chipmunk or two might scurry off the trail to the shelter of a tree stump. New shoots of flowers and ferns poke through the soft earth, hungry for a bit of sunlight.  

You can see the white cliffs of Cape Blanco in the distance beyond Port Orford.

You can see the white cliffs of Cape Blanco in the distance beyond Port Orford.

 This hike is very steep, it is three miles up and three miles down. There are several benches along the way to rest and enjoy the views too.  Once at the summit, there is a small clearing with dragonflies darting around, worthy of a pick-nick.  There is not an ocean view at the top or along the east side of the trail once it forks. As always, wear proper footwear and clothing. It is cool in the shade of the trees but layers are recommended so you don’t over heat or get too cold. Bring plenty of water and food for energy. If you are not up for a six mile hike, there is also a day-use area with pick-nick tables and photo worthy scenery too. 

Click on this link for more information about Humbug Mountain State Park including, history and more specific campsite information. 



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