After reading many articles and interviews through the years about the world reknown golf course owner of Bandon Dunes Resort, here is a collection of  some of my favorite Keiser interviews…, June 2005

An interview on a discussion board at, Mike Keiser answered fifty interview questions!

Question 2 “What will you sell the whole place for?”

Answer “No way. I’m the right owner.”

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Okay, this is not actually an interview, but a really entertaining read about a golf experience. I can not for the life of me find her name or credentials, but it appears to be written by a travelling lover of golf and professional writer.

… “I had reserved taxi service with Connoisseurs Golf Transportation and the driver was waiting for me as I exited the terminal. I boarded the mini-bus with eight other passengers and, I kid you not, the driver popped Caddyshack into the DVD player.

Smiling as I watched Rodney Dangerfield proclaim, “Last time I saw a mouth like that, it had a hook in it,” I was off to Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.”

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USGA Interview with  Mike Keiser, June 2011

…”So I came down here looking in Northern California and Brookings (Oregon), which is all mountainous. One of the reasons I looked in Brookings was it’s the banana belt. You could grow citrus trees. That’s where I wanted to be because I thought this far north was too cold and too [much] bad weather. It turns out I was wrong.

So did that lead you to Bandon?

Keiser: Word spread through the real estate community that a guy from Chicago was looking for coastal property. He didn’t matter where it was, just coastal. A broker named Annie Hunter knew about this [land] and that it had been on the market for 4½ years. It was 1,200 acres and one mile of ocean frontage that was covered in gorse and Scottish broom. That’s how she described it. It sounded great. Bandon Dunes on the other side was all gorse. I bought it within a month.”

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Catching Up With Mike Keiser, April 2012

This is what sparked my interest to share my favorite Mike Keiser interviews. It captured my attention quickly. Lots of good stuff including future plans for Bandon Dunes Resort, Nova Scotia and possibly Ireland?

“Although I’ve never taken you up on it, I’ve always appreciated Bandon’s  offer — if you play 36 in one day, and you still have the time and  energy to  play another nine or 18 — you play for free. If I play 36 in a day on one or  two of the big courses, is my late-afternoon round at  Preserve free? This is how it’s going to work: If you play a big course in peak season, it’s  $230. A replay rate on a big course is $115. The Preserve will be $100 in peak  season; $50 off-peak, and although there will be no replay rate at Preserve, the  third round in one day on any of the five courses is free. In order to avoid an  afternoon jam on Preserve, we’re considering an age stipulation. One suggestion:  you  can only play Preserve in the afternoon if you’re over 50.

 That’s age discrimination. I’d see you in court. I’d like that — Ginella vs. Keiser. If you’re under 50, and  able-bodied, which you are, Matt,  you should be playing on one of the  big courses.

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A Round of Golf with Mike Keiser, April 2011

“…I was asked while standing near the putting green of the resort’s Old Macdonald course whether I’d seen the day’s pairings for the round of golf. I hadn’t, and was told I would be starting on the first tee of the shotgun start, and that I would be playing in a foursome with Mike Keiser.”

“…As we walked, mostly I kept quiet and listened, letting him offer what he would. Here are a few of the items that stuck with me.”

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