While a catalog cover may raise claims to the perfect home, the one that best fits you and your family actually reach such a status. The truth is that color combinations, unique hardware and asphalt driveways add to curb appeal but offer little true value if your needs are not met. House hunting in North Bend, Oregon, raises plenty of checklist items, but space is a hot commodity. Like a favorite sweatshirt, the size of a house needs fitting to your style and shape to earn the title of comfy. And, this holds true in finding the perfect size home in North Bend.

Size Home No Bend ORBasics About Home Size Around the Globe and in the US

The unique nature of home size reveals itself when houses compare across countries. For instance, the average floor space per person in Hong Kong measures 161 square feet, while Australia boasts 960 square feet per resident. These extremes find the United States as having the second largest ratio at 832 square feet.

Trends Toward Smaller Homes

Trends also would have you believe that bigger is better. From the 1970s to 2004, the average square footage of homes increased from 1,400 to 2,330. These figures indicate 66 percent growth while family sizes have decreased by 27 percent. Since 2004, home sizes have trended smaller, perhaps due to an economic downturn. So, what does this mean for the house hunter? How do you determine the right size home to buy? Each house hunter must keep in mind his or her unique circumstances and desires outside of cultural trends. Like Goldilocks, you need to know what is just right for you. A few key questions help you find the perfect size home, straight out of a fairytale.

Who Will Live In the House?

The most obvious consideration regarding house size is the number of people planning to seek shelter between its walls. While large families survive small-framed homes and small families make use of large spaces, a basic count of people helps determine room count and square footage.

Number of Bedrooms

Bedrooms come to mind immediately. Will or can any house members share sleeping quarters? Remember to include children, extended family members, and even pets. Both permanent and temporary living situations are worth considering.

Square Feet Per Person

Square footage per person also helps buyers determine a comfortable size for a home. Dan Maginn walks you through a personal square foot analysis in Square Feat: Foot Steps. Following his lead in determining your current home use and the changes needed gives you a solid start to finding your comfort number in square feet.

What Kind of Activity Space Do I Need?

Your lifestyle helps determine the size and type of space needed in a new home. For instance, a larger kitchen for social gatherings or a smaller house with a spacious yard for outdoor pursuits reflects your personality.

Lifestyle and Hobbies

Extra rooms or larger garage spaces come into play with certain hobbies. A few areas to consider include:

— Do I spend more time indoors or outdoors?

— Am I home or traveling most of the time?

— Which rooms do I most often use?

— Which areas are neglected?

— Is additional space to work from home important?

— What are my storage needs?

— How often do I entertain?

— Where do I tend to gather with family and friends?

— What hobby space is essential to me?

When Might My Needs Change?

When purchasing a home, an eye to the future proves vital. Outgrowing a home before you are ready to move on wastes resources and frustrates plans.

Spark Your Dreams

Answer the following questions to spark your dreams:

— How long do I plan to live in this dwelling?

— Do I plan to have children (or more children) while in this house?

— Will ill or elderly relatives likely require care in my home?

— What are my savings goals?

Where Does My Time and Energy Lie?

Caring for a home takes energy and time. Perhaps it may be too obvious, but the larger the home, the greater the requirement. When considering the size of a new house, compare the care it requires and maintenance with your lifestyle.

DIY or Nomad?

For instance, if you are a DIYer who thrills at the idea of fixing, furnishing and decorating, a larger space may fit you well. However, if you are an active family on the move or a traveling nomad, smaller spaces keep the frustrations of home maintenance lower.

How Will I Pay For the House?

No consideration of the perfect home is complete without mentioning budget. A larger home tends to carry larger monthly bills and mortgage payments. While we will not go into detail on this topic, it is vital to consider when looking for the perfect size home.

Goldilocks had to do a bit of testing and hunting to find the “just right” fit. With the help of a realtor and a bit of fortitude, you are certain to find the perfect size home in North Bend, just for you.

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