Are you planning to visit Oregon for a vacation? The beauty of Bandon is wonderful to explore. Many visitors are so pleased by this unique and welcoming environment, they decide to make it their home. Consider some of the fun activities you can enjoy in Bandon.

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From world class golf courses to touring the area on foot or by kayak, consider all the wonderful niches Bandon has to offer.

Golfing in Bandon

If you like golfing, Bandon is one of the ultimate destinations in the country for this sport. Bandon Crossings is a fantastic place to practice your golfing skills and take in the breathtaking scenery all around you. This location is one of the highest rated must-play courses in Oregon. Bandon Crossings is much more than just 18 holes–these are holes that do not compare to any other golf course. The ancient sand dunes maintain the course’s route, which is made from old corrals and paths. The course shows some truth to the property’s former life as a sheep ranch.

Many holes in this course stay true to the name “Crossings” because they are situated over creeks and canyons. There is also a practice area that you can use. Those who are still honing their skills can take a lesson from one of the pros. You can also attend a two-day golf school to learn more about this fun sport. Golfing is the perfect outdoor activity for singles, couples, and families. Another fantastic course to experience is the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.

Take a Local Tour

South Coast Tours is a good location for fishing, wildlife viewing, or just simply enjoying the experience of gliding across the waterways of the coast of Oregon. The south coast holds many of Oregon’s shore reefs and some of the best fishing, photography, wildlife viewing and wildest rivers on the west coast overall. There are tours that range from two to 18 people. There are also overnight kayak tours that can be a memorable adventure for the entire family.

The venue offers kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and kayak fishing from the Coos Bay area down to the California border and Brookings Harbor. You can also rent kayaks out of the base camp on the docks in Brookings. Get a boat or head to the pier to go crabbing. Visit Prowler Charters to experience deep sea fishing on the breathtaking Oregon Coast.

Fourth of July Festivities

July 4th is a day to celebrate with events in Bandon all day into the evening. The fun starts with a 4th of July Parade down Highway 101. The Lions Club has an annual afternoon barbecue at Bandon City Park. There are also Port of Bandon Cardboard Boat races at the Coquille River waterfront. The Old Town merchants stay open late for the Alive After Five Wine Walk. At sunset, everyone enjoys the splendor of the Grand Fireworks Display over the Coquille River.

Dining Venues

Bandon, Oregon not only has amazing attractions, but there are plenty of dining options after you are hungry from a long day of outdoor activities. It is home to some of the best restaurants and wine bars in the country. These are just a small sampling of the many places to visit in the area.

Face Rock Creamery

Find an array of cheeses that are made fresh at the Face Rock Creamery, such as Fromage blanc, Monterey Jack, cheddar, and many other imported kinds of cheese.

Bandon Fish Market

A fish market is a good place to enjoy the authentic fish and chips the Southern Oregon Coat is known for. Bandon Fish Market is located in the Old Town Waterfront in a little blue building that is also a landmark. Fresh products and traditional recipes make this a top choice.

Historical Venues

If you love taking a few steps back in time, visit some of the museums in Bandon. They contain beautiful displays, artifacts, and exhibits that give you a feel for the rich history of the area.

Bandon’s Historical¬†Museum

This museum is maintained by the Bandon Historical Society. It is a good place to learn more about the history of the area and the Coos County region.

The collections at this museum include a photographic collection of early Bandon and Native American artifacts. There are displays featuring gold and coal mining, the logging industry, dairy farms and cheese making, as well as cranberry manufacturing.

Big Wheel General Store

This quaint general store has some impressive historical displays as well as items to purchase that represent the flavor of the Bandon area. Items for sale include jams and jellies, ice cream and cranberry gifts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more.

Places to Stay

Contact a real estate agent about temporary houses to rent so you can truly experience the Bandon area. If you decide to stay, the realtor can help you find homes for long-term rental or to buy. For those who are just visiting, consider a short stay at a campsite or hotel.


If you are a camping enthusiast, you can camp at Bullards Beach State Park, which is just two miles north of Bandon. This will be a fantastic time in the great outdoors for the whole family and you’ll get to see some lovely sights in the park.

Long and Short Term Options

If you’re staying for a long period of time, you might want to consider a rental home. There are so many cute places to stay at in town for low prices. But, if you’re visiting for just a day or two, you’ll probably want a hotel. Choose a place that is near all the main attractions so you don’t miss out on anything.

With so much to see to do and see in Bandon, it is easy to see why so many visitors decide to stay. This list is just a brief glimpse at everything the area has to offer. Contact a local real estate agent today to learn more about short-term and long-term Bandon housing that can put you in the middle of it all.

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