I am managing 36 properties in the Bandon Oregon area right now and climbing. They are mainly single family homes and my job is to keep them occupied with good tenants that like to keep their homes clean and pay the rent on time!

These days it is a challenge to find credit approved renters, but so far I have been doing a pretty nifty job using my screening company to pull current credit reports and my picking up the phone to make a simple call to check landlord references. I often wonder how interesting it is that I don't get a phone call from a property manager when one of my tenants is moving….?

All of my rentals are occupied with the exception of a handful of homes that are in pretty poor shape. The owners have asked me to "step in" and help bring these back to condition. After seeing some of these "project" homes, I quickly saw how important it is that we keep track of the dates of our last inspection, gutter cleaning, chimney sweeps, etc. That is now something I can proudly say we have implemented! Regular routine maintenance is a serious matter, especially when you live on the coast.

So with that, I am gearing up! I am ready to take on more property management business. My goal is to have 80 rental units (good clean homes) by the end of this year, 2011. Preferably occupied.

The Challenge: 80 rental units

Deadline: December 31, 2011

Current #: 36 rental units (31 occupied)

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