I am looking forward to seeing local artist,Vicki Affatati and her group of local students who have committed to saving the whales, sea lions, lighthouse and sea captain of Bandon this summer. The project is called “Bringing Jack Back Restoration Project”. It is an effort to restore a handful of ocean themed murals in Bandon, painted by the late Jack Champayne.

It was inspired when she saw one of Jack’s murals painted over last year at Bandon True Value Hardware.  I too, was dissappointed when I saw the mural gone and I haven’t lived here as long as most.  These murals are an important part of Bandon history, they add value and meaning, a sense of place. The weather has taken their toll on the murals and it would be a shame to see any more painted over.

Organizers are hoping to fund the Bringing Jack Back Restoration Project through grants and donations. They also applied for a grant and held a fundraiser. Cost of the project is estimated at $39,320, with $5,800 so far coming from volunteer and in-kind donations, leaving $33,520 to be raised.

Donations can be made at Chetco Federal Credit Union of Bandon Oregon.

Here are some or possibly all of the murals that will be part of the resoration project… 


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