I never accept a credit card or insurance solicitation through the mail. I consider anything other than a magazine or a bill to be junk mail, therefore if it even looks remotely close to a preapproved credit card, it is hitting the shredder before I even open it!

Want to prevent companies from accessing information about you through credit bureaus, then soliciting you with preapproved credit card or insurance offers? Go to this website optoutprescreen.com and do a 5 year Opt out. You can do a permanent Opt out by mail, but the 5 year Opt Out can be done online and allows you to Opt back in if you decide you miss your junk mail.

Any of these companies who are accessing information about you through the credit bureaus for marketing purposes are only making “soft inquiries” which do not affect your FICO score. Opting out will not improve your credit score, but maybe it will keep you from opening new credit lines, like that tempting new UFC visa card that showed up in my mailbox the other day.

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