Helpful Curb Appeal Tips for Southern Oregon Real Estate Listings
Whether your property is for sale now or you are planning to list with Beach Loop Realty, here are some simple outdoor fall tips that will help your selling point and curb appeal without the cost of a landscape artist or professional Gardener.
Bird Feeders
Clean and fill the feeders now.  As birds are establishing their winter feeding habits make sure your home is on their flight plan.  There is something warm and inviting inside when colorful birds are outside a window, especially on a gloomy day.
Clean up and Prep
Now is the time to cut annuals or pull those that have expired whether they are in the ground or in beds.  Dead plants are not only unsightly, but are also a big red flag regarding pride of maintenance.  This also includes pruning dead or storm damaged branches.
A Little Prevention Goes a Long Way
Re purposing leaves or cardboard by covering paths between raised beds to deter weeds.  If you use cardboard, remember to cover it with mulch.  The same goes for those empty beds.
The Weather Here Makes it Easy
As you know, south Oregon real estate owners are blessed to be able to grow trees, shrubs and perennials all year long and fall can be a great time to dig and divide perennials or add new ones in the place of those discarded or tired annuals.  Fall is also a great time to think about planting spring bulbs such as tulips, daffodils and alliums.  I like to plant mine in wire cages to protect them from hungry burrowing animals.
Bring on the Color
Lastly, a fun way to camouflage a vacant area or walkway while adding color is by planting flowering kale and or cabbage.  They stand up to the colder temperatures and although edible, I find them tougher than their relatives and wouldn’t recommend it.

If you are a natural in the garden or can only manage one of these tasks, it will no doubt be appreciated by your potential Buyer.  Also, by showcasing your home with tidy surroundings and color, photos seen on-line will be that much more attractive.





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