Even if you are not a golfer it is still possible to have an intimate outdoor experience at Bandon Dunes.  The resort boasts over 6 miles of hiking trails that take you all over the resort with varying levels of difficulty. All of which are magical in their scenery and serenity.

Hike over massive sand dunes down into a rhododendron forest and navigate your way through skunk cabbage. You can take a leisurely stroll at an elevated height with an ocean view from the lodge to Pacific Dunes.


 There are many animal tracks and signs to look out for including skunk,   raccoon, and foxes. You may even spy a deer or a porcupine munching a dandelion. Step over the bridge at Chrome Lake and up to the quietness of the Labyrinth, a meditative place. They have a newly constructed beach trail that will bring you through south of Whisky Run.

There is a map to plan your route and more detailed descriptions with photographs about each trail on the Bandon Dunes Blog

A wonderful place to hike with your family but keep your dogs at home and remember that even though you will remain mostly out of sight to golfers, should you come across a group then let them play through and then continue your outdoor exploration. 

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