I was just browsing the Southern Oregon coast multiple listings and  I came across a house that is just down the street from where I live in Bandon. I walk past it almost daily when walking my dogs to the beach. I  knew it was a great deal for the money, but now that I’ve done my homework, I can honestly say it is the best deal out there on the entire South Coast for a home with Ocean View. There are 2 houses in between it and Beach Loop and then BAM! you are at the beach.  View Google Map

Ordinarily a manufactured home would not be my first choice, but this one is well worth the money for the land and location alone! It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1300-1500 square feet of living space, 2003 mfg with a garage. The home is wheel chair accessible according to the listing agent (looks like the hallways are wide and there is ramp access to the front door) and features a covered porch, and a fenced yard. More Property Details


If you are interested in this home, let us know! Call Beach Loop Realty at (541) 347-1800. We can represent you as a Buyers Agent on this property.

Reference number for this property is 108-OPBV73109.  This home is not listed on the RMLS or Realtor.com, so not all buyers are even aware this home is on the market!

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