M Resort in Las Vegas had over 6,000 people come view the lighting of the 109 foot Christmas tree on Saturday night. The Marnell family, owners of the resort, has dedicated the tree to all the families of the Las Vegas valley who won’t have a tree this year. “This tree is for them and they can come here any time they want to enjoy how beautiful and special it is,” he said.


Las Vegas Sun – This year, Anthony Marnell III and family found their tree in Oregon, a 109-foot, 11-ton White Fir — the tallest non-living Christmas tree, M Resort executives contend.

The tree made its journey from Oregon on a truck Nov. 29 and arrived in Henderson on Dec. 2.

But how is M Resort sure it has the tallest tree in the nation?

“We have a guy up in Oregon who has done this for us in the past,” Executive Vice President and General Manager John Lipkowitz said. “He takes care of all the measurements, weight and calculations. We really didn’t know it was going to be the tallest until others released their numbers.”

A close second goes to Costa Mesa, Calif.’s 96-foot-tall White Fir.

Probably the most famous Christmas tree in the nation — the one in Rockefeller Center in New York — is 76 feet tall.

The National Mall tree in Washington, D.C., is an 85-foot Blue Spruce from the White Mountains of Arizona, while the Obama family tree is an 18.5-foot Norway Spruce from Shepherdstown, W.Va.

There are several categories by which cities and resorts measure their trees. There’s tallest non-living tree (M Resort’s category), tallest living tree, tallest floating tree and the tallest artificial tree.

The Coeur d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, says it has the world’s tallest living tree this year at 161 feet.

Mexico City’s 367-foot tower of lights shaped like a tree is the tallest artificial tree, while Rio De Janeiro has the tallest floating artificial tree. Lipkowitz said the Marnell family had the nation’s tallest tree another year, at the Rio, but former staffers can’t remember the year. The family’s goal, regardless, has been to open its spaces for family-orientated, holiday fun, Lipkowitz said.


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