We’re a little spoiled here in Bandon. We recognize we have some of the prettiest waterfront property in the United States. If you dream of owning waterfront property with beautiful views of a wide-open sky and the possibility of serene sunsets every night, read on to find several points to know before buying waterfront property in Oregon.


Your mortgage lasts 30 years, but chances are you want your waterfront property to last even longer as you settle into your investment.

Weather conditions and climate

Examine long-term weather conditions and the local climate to see if the beach has problems with erosion. Luckily, Oregon doesn’t have any hurricanes, although we do get some powerful storms with a lot of surf every once in a while. Check to see if your beach house is far enough away from the water to withstand erosion over the next 30 to 50 years.


Most homeowners invest in home insurance to cover the property from losses. If your home is in an area more prone to flooding, like along a waterfront, your insurance rate may be higher than in areas less prone to flooding.

Consider rates

Take that into account as you determine if you want waterfront property in Oregon as your rates are probably higher than usual.


Find a waterfront property that fits your lifestyle. Do you want to go swimming during the summer? Do you own a huge yacht you want to take for a spin every weekend? Are you an avid fisherman who wants to land the next “big one” in your boat? Do you just enjoy living near water because of the peaceful backdrop?

Beaches versus lakes and rivers

Your lifestyle should determine where you want to have waterfront property. Beaches by the ocean offer different sets of opportunities than a house with a dock on a lake or a house on a hill overlooking a river.


Before you invest in a waterfront property, talk to the neighbors who live there. Ask them how they enjoy living on the water.

Get a full picture

Potential neighbors can also give you an idea of the weather, how local residents use the water, any times of year that are busier than others and any idiosyncrasies of people who live in your general area. Your next-door neighbors also tell you what it’s like to deal with the homeowner’s association and what the property lines are for your land and possibly a dock.


Waterfront property usually sits in a more remote location away from the usual utility infrastructure.

Costs and accessibility

Take a look at how that may affect your monthly power bills. You may need regular propane or natural gas deliveries, and figure out what happens if any power lines go down during bad weather. If you need an internet connection, it may not be as strong as connections in a city. Don’t forget about maintaining your septic tank because you’ll need a professional to come and drain the tank every once in a while.


Look around the property before you buy it. What kinds of upgrades can you make, and how hard are those upgrades going to be?

Price of amenities

For example, you may need a bigger boat dock or marina to extend into the water. What about a driveway that goes down to the water so you can dry dock your boat in cold weather? Do you want to make any additions to the house, such as a guest room or larger garage? These upgrades may cost more money if you’re in a rural area.


The rental market is one thing to consider when it comes to waterfront property. Having a house in such an enticing location gives you an opportunity to earn additional income.

Profitable properties

When you’re not living in the home, especially if this is just your vacation home, using it as a rental can be a good way to make some money on a vacant house. Make sure you know landlord/tenant laws in Oregon so you can deal with tenants effectively. Consider hiring a property manager to take care of these details for you.

Market Forces

Because the market for waterfront property in Oregon can vary wildly, find an agent who specializes in waterfront property for your location.

Work with a pro

In Bandon, that means Beach Loop Realty. We understand what property owners seek in waterfront homes in the area. Part of the reason for that is because we live here, too. We can suggest a waterfront property that fits your lifestyle, budget, and concerns.

Real estate professionals a Beach Loop Realty are with you every step of the way, from the time you decide to look into home ownership until you get the keys to your new house on the beach or lakeside.

Thank you for reading our blog! How can we help you? Contact us today.

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