Did you know that Bandon Oregon is located  on the Oregon coast just 90 miles north of the California border? Did you know that Bandon is a center of Cranberry production in the United States?

Here are some more quick fun facts about Bandon just in case you didn't know…

Did you know?

1. Bandon only has 3 Traffic Lights

2. Population as of Dec 5, 2008 is 3,300 people

3. Annual growth since last year (Dec 2007) was 65 people

4. Bandon has an annual Crab Derby, Salmon Derby, Windfest and Cheese & Wine Extravaganza among other events

5. The only fast food in Bandon is Dairy Queen and a Subway (is that even considered fast food?)

6. Bandon's first settlers established the present town site in 1853

7. Bandon was formerly "Averille" and was renamed in 1874 by George Bennett after his home town Bandon in Ireland

8. George Bennett brought Gorse to Bandon from Ireland which ultimately lead to the Great Fire of 1936, destroying the town

10. Bandon's waterfront district burnt down in 1914

11. The commercial district of Bandon burnt down in 1936 due to embers blown by a slash fire of a logging crew that inflamed gorse growing in the town

12. Cranberries have been grown in Bandon since 1885 from vines brought by Charles McFarlin from Cape Cod Massachusetts

13. Bandon has a new sports bar (opened this summer 2008) located in Old Town named  "McFarlin's Bar & Grill"

13. There are over 900 acres of cranberry bogs in Bandon

14. 2009 will mark the 63rd year of the Annual Cranberry Festival which takes place over the first or second weekend of September, celebrating the cranberry harvest

15. Is home to three of the world's premier golf courses; Bandon Dunes, Bandon Trails and Pacific Dunes at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort

16. Bandon Dunes Golf Resort is in the midst of construction on a fourth golf course "Old Macdonald", a tribute to Charles Blair Macdonald, founder of the U.S. Golf Association

17. Gold was discovered in 1851 at Whiskey Run

18. Coquille Indians lived here before 1850

19.  Beach Loop Realty is named after the popular and scenic "Beach Loop" road tour that runs along the Pacific Coastline hugging magnificent sea stacks including Garden of the Gods, Table  Rock, Cats and Kittens, Elephant Rock and Face Rock

20. Bandon's cheese making began in 1880

21. The Bandon Historical Society Museum is housed in the second building constructed after the 1936 fire

22. Bandon has two parades each year; the 4th of July parade and the Cranberry Festival parade

23. Bandon's Lighthouse was built in 1896

24. Bandon has great seafood located on the boardwalk at Tony's Crabshack and Bandon Fish Market in Old Town

25. Bandon's Average Sold Price for Residential homes (Jan08-Jan09) is $294,341 (source of data RMLS, Regional Multiple Listing Service)

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