sell my houseIt is time to sell your home but where do you start? With the many things you need to do, things can quickly feel overwhelming. First, take a deep breath. Then remember that you’re lucky to live in one of the country’s most beautiful locations – the “Cranberry Capital of the West Coast” – replete with secluded beaches, sand dunes and ancient forests. You’re already in a good position because it’s all about location, location, location. After you take a few deep breaths, get practical. Selling a property is an emotional and complicated process, full of complex regulations and procedures. The following tips will help answer the question, “How do I sell my house in Bandon Oregon?”

Preparing Your Home for the Deal of a Lifetime

Get ready to make a great deal by preparing your home. A little effort can go a long way when it comes to how long it takes to sell a Bandon house – including a Bandon house on the beach or water – and the offers you get for it.

Puttin’ on the Ritz

First, don’t skimp on these steps. Skimping almost always means dollars lost at sale time. Start by getting your place in ship-shape condition. Clean it up thoroughly from top to bottom. Wash every surface, clean the fridge, wipe down cabinets in the kitchen and basement or garage. Fix or replace broken appliances, and repair broken windows and door handles.

Get Rid of the Old

Send worn, dirty or smelly carpets to the dump. You may have wood floors underneath and trust me, that’s always a big draw. Wax, stain or polish them to show them to their best advantage. Replace fixtures that are outdated or of poor quality, and make sure all of the light bulbs work.

Consider the Bigger Problems

Next, tackle the big problems. A savvy buyer will have an inspector go over the property inch by inch, so it’s a wise idea to have your own inspector point out what needs to be done, including updating any heating or cooling system elements, plumbing repairs, and the like before you put your home on the market. Do the same thing if you live in a home with an outdoor space. Prune the trees, rake the lawn, check that pool, fountains and porches are clean and in good repair.

The Two P’s

When potential buyers walk into your home, they imagine themselves in the space. They walk around and wonder how to decorate it and make this home their own. This is when the two p’s come into play – paint and pets.

Neutral Paint

It’s best to repaint your rooms in neutral colors, such as grays, taupe, and non-hospital whites, so these colors can match any decorating scheme. Make sure to fill nail holes, smooth out bumps, paint the trim and touch up the windows as well. Wallpaper is another issue. If it’s anything but neutral, consider removing it and painting the wall instead. A survey conducted in 2012 by concluded that a simple paint job could give you a 107 percent return on your investment.

Remember the Pets

Don’t forget the effects your pets had on your living space. About 35 percent of homes are not pet occupied, says a recent report by the Humane Society of the United States. Pay special attention to pet odors and stains, make sure the litter box is always clean, and remove any dog poop from your yard. Clean and repair any pet-related damage to your domicile. Repair screens and scratches. When showing your house, make sure your furry friends are out with you, staying with family or at a pet sitter.

All the World Is a Stage

Keep in mind all the world is a stage and all the potential buyers are players in it. Hiring a staging expert to put your property’s best face forward is a very good move. In fact, this step generally provides a nearly 200 percent return on investment. Your stager will advise you to remove any personal items and photos, religious items, cultural displays, personal trinkets and collections.

Put Items You Want Aside

If there are any installed items you can’t live without, such as a favorite chandelier, curtains, mantelpieces, replace them before you show the house. You want the rooms to look large, spacious and personality neutral. Take tons of photographs of your space; the more the better. Take them on a sunny day, preferably in the spring, fall or summer when foliage is on display.

And Then On to the Nuts and Bolts

Once this is done, you are ready to move forward with the actual process of selling a home in Bandon.

Go to an Agent

The process of selling a home is detail-oriented. Gather all of your paperwork including deeds, tax documents, and proof that liens and other home-related bills are current or paid, for example. Then you get to think about a listing price, marketing the property to attract the best prospects, walk-throughs, going through escrow and making sure the buyer is qualified. After that, you have to get through the inevitable issues that tend to crop up.

Take the Pressure Off the Process

Getting a qualified real estate agent to navigate this voyage takes much of the pressure off a seller. An agent advises you, negotiates terms of the deal, comforts you and fights on your behalf. A real estate professional leaves you more time to plan for your own move and to live your life.

Be Prepared for the Emotional Aspects

Some studies claim selling a home and moving is high on the list of the most stressful events in life. It is not easy to see the place you grew up, raised your own family, shared memories or celebrated momentous occasions lived in by someone else. Putting yourself in a business frame of mind, and staging the home so it looks less personal, can help you distance yourself from the stress of letting go.

A good agent will manage prospective buyers and communicate with them on your behalf so as to help reduce the emotional highs and lows you will go through in this whirlwind adventure. Work with a qualified local real estate agent to help make your move as efficient and as stress-free as possible.

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