As a realtor and a property manager in a rural area, I have been surprised by the number of home owners I have come across who have not had their wells tested or maintenance regularly for drinking safety. I have seen many wells fail the water quality test in both real estate transactions and for some of my rental properties. A majority of the tests I have seen show a presence of coliforms, which is bacteria that could come from a decaying leaf, tree root or even a decaying rodent (yuck).

The best resolution to treat for coliforms is to install a UV ray light water filtration system with pre filter, which kills bacteria before the water enters your home. A system commonly used in residential homes is a UV Pure Cactus water filtration system.

Jim Burgett, a certified pump installer with thirty years of experience in Bandon and Coos County area is my ‘go to’ to guy for all of my well water maintenance. His price for a cactus filtration system is $1395.50 and that includes a pre filter and complete installation. There is a less expensive option, a UV Pura 20, that he uses often, that runs $1200 installed, but the Cactus is Burgett’s preferred system.


Water systems should then be serviced every 4-6 months to change out filters and to replace the ultra violet bulb annually. Home owners typically do this on their own, but as a property manager, I have Jim Burgett on a routine maintenance schedule for each of my rural properties.  Changing a filter cartridge can sometimes be tricky, leaks can occur and I have always been one to believe in having a professional do what they do best.


According to the Oregon State University well water program, water quality tests are recommended to be done at least once a year for coliform bacteria and nitrates. If you are selling your home, it is an Oregon state law to perform a water quality test for the presence of coliform bacteria, nitrates and arsenic on all real estate transactions with a private well.

Renters Rights;

The Oregon Residential Landlord Tenant Act (ORS 90.320) requires that all landlords maintain their rental units in a habitable condition, including providing a water supply maintained so as to provide “safe drinking water”. The Dept of Environmental Quality has a drinking water protection program fact sheet that provides good information to home owners and to renters with private wells.

Deferred maintenance on a well can be very costly. My recommendation is to have a local well company service your well at least once a year if you are a ‘do it yourself’ home owner. If you are renting out your home, it is recommended you have your well serviced at least twice a year and a water quality test performed once a year. Keep records of all of your water quality tests.

Local well water professionals for the Bandon area;

Jim Burgett  (541) 404-8300

Bandon Well & Pump  (541) 347-3178

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