Becoming a resident of the Bandon area provides you with a wealth of benefits that begin the moment you arrive in the city. You instantly feel the sunshine begin to melt away your stress, as you are surrounded by natural beauty. There are four top-notch golf courses waiting for you to play, miles of pristine beaches for you to explore, gourmet dining opportunities to satiate your palate as well as historical landmarks and outdoor recreational activities for you to enjoy. These benefits are only the beginning of your adventure called life in Bandon. Living on the beach creates a lifestyle that benefits your overall health and well-being. Simply taking a moment to inhale the ocean air and listen to the waves crashing onto shore is therapeutic, soothing and peaceful. Take a look at the other unique benefits of oceanfront living on Bandon beaches.

bandon beachesPhysical Benefits of Beach Life

The beauty of ocean life is conducive to an active lifestyle that works to keep you in peak physical shape. Virtually every aspect of beach life can work its way into a more active lifestyle for you throughout the year. As an added bonus, the sun exposure increases your vitamin D levels, which gives your skin a healthy glow and helps improve your mood.


The physical activity of swimming naturally increases your heart rate. It also strengthens your cardiovascular and muscular systems while building body strength at the same time. Life at the beach literally puts a beach swim right in your own backyard. Grab a towel, head out into the water and swim within a matter of moments every day.


Beach sand provides you with a resistance level of strength training that few physical gyms can provide. As you walk through the sand, various leg muscles engage in activity with each step you take. Walking along the shoreline looking for shells in the sand not only works to build muscle tone, but it brings a calming effect over you as well.

Mental Benefits of Beach Life

It is extremely hard to feel stress when you spend time at the beach. There is something about smelling the fresh air, crashing waves onto the shoreline and feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin that makes stress melt away the moment your toes hit the sand.

Restful Sleep

The ocean waves trigger a natural release of serotonin that helps you easily fall asleep and stay asleep for much of the night. Living on the beach exposes you to the waves, the sun, and the sand on a regular basis. Natural doses of serotonin keep stress and anxiety at arm’s length and open the door for soothing relaxation to come in and help you drift off to sleep each night.

Peaceful Meditation

An excellent way to lower your stress levels is the practice of meditation. The beach gives you the perfect opportunity to incorporate this practice into your daily life. Sitting quietly on the beach for a few minutes is all you need to reconnect with your internal compass. As you gaze out across endless ocean waters, you can truly absorb the natural beauty that surrounds you. Listen to the wildlife, feel the warm sun on your skin, and let grains of sand fall through your fingers. It all works to rejuvenate your mind as you slowly let the stress disappear.

Financial Benefits of Beach Life

Investing in beach property can also provide you with potential financial benefits that can last well into your golden years. Beach property tends to be some of the most sought-after property that buyers look for when researching the real estate market. These properties consistently have a higher property value because of the popularity factor and the positive financial health of the property segment as a whole.

Rental Income Potential

Beach properties are ideal for generating a steady stream of rental income if you are not going to use the property as your primary residence. When it is not in use for your personal needs, you can rent the property out to tenants as a vacation rental. Doing so presents you with an income stream that can finance personal vacations, retirement accounts or anything else you desire.

Retirement Investment

Having a beach property gives you the opportunity to save for retirement. For every year that you own the home, you build up the equity that you have in the property. As your equity continues to build, your mortgage debt decreases. By the time you are ready to retire, you can own the property outright. Eliminating your mortgage payment frees up money to spend on the fun aspect of retiring, such as traveling or spending more time with family and friends.

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