It’s been quite a few years since I was introduced to my first Beecher’s cheese platter. It was in my parents kitchen over a glass of red wine where I first tasted Beecher’s Cheese, at least 5 years ago. I was given quite an introduction as my stepbrother, Danny had traveled to Seattle Washington quite a few times that year for business and had never left without visiting the famous Pike Place Market. Danny loves to cook and the farmers market there is more than impressive as many of you may know. My parents told me that Danny was able to convince his neighborhood grocery store to start stocking Beecher’s cheese regularly he liked it so much. I enjoyed hearing the stories as this began a more frequent invitation for cheese and crackers and wine, of course!

So what does this have to do with Beach Loop Realty? or real estate for that matter?!

Our very own Karen Sinko, of Beach Loop Realty is the mother of Brad Sinko, the talented and famous cheese maker of Beecher’s Cheese in Seattle! Trained by his father, Joe Sinko, Brad learned the craft of cheese making right here in Bandon Oregon at Bandon Cheese Factory. Joe and Karen Sinko were part owners of the former and popular Bandon Cheese Factory of Bandon.

Lately, I’ve seen and heard more and more about Brad Sinko and his award winning cheeses. One day he was on the Martha Stewart show, an episode where they took you to Seattle’s Pike Place Market and aired Brad making the cheese and just the other day my mom called me up to tell me Karen’s son was mentioned in the recent William Sonoma catalog!

Beechers Cheese is a big hit in Bandon, and now I know why!

Don’t forget to call Karen Sinko for your next real estate transaction and if you are lucky, maybe she’ll share some of her sons famous aged cheeses with you. Karen can be reached at the office (541) 347-1800 or on her cellular (541) 290-4639.


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